B able to recognize bullshit even when you hear it from​.​.​.

by B as in Bullshit

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B kind
B a good listener
B able to engage in physical combat
B a lover of classical music
B a tolerator of children
B an agnostic
B generous on the freeways of the world
B a good sleeper
B not fearful of death
B unable to beg
B able to love
B able to feel superior
B able to understand that too much education is a fart in the dark
B able to dislike poets and poetry
B able to understand that the rich can be poor in spirit
B able to understand the the poor live better than the rich
B able to understand that shit is necessary
B aware that in every life a little bit of shit must fall
B aware that a hell of a lot more shit falls on some more than on others
B aware that many dumb bastards crawl the earth
B aware that the human heart cannot be broken
B able to stay away from the movies
B able to sit alone in a room and feel good
B able to watch your cat cross the floor like a miracle
B able to recognize bullshit even when you hear it from
B ukowski.

By Charles Bukowski


released November 27, 2013

Rehersal Sessions (2013)

P is for Poo - Vox, Sax, Piano
A is for Asshole - Guitar
F is for F_ck - Drums



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